Bloomberg: Arms Website Selling Guns Illegally

Thousands of guns could be sold illegally by unlicensed firearms dealers on just one classified ad website, according to an investigation commissioned by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, one of the nation’s leading gun-control advocates and a co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, asked his investigators to spend eight weeks monitoring the ads on The classified marketplace, known as a “Craigslist for guns,” is one of the nation’s largest firearms websites. ARMSLIST

The inquiry found that nearly one-third of gun ads on the site were posted by high-volume sellers who do not possess the mandatory federal firearms license. At that pace, nearly 244,000 guns would be sold illegally a year due to the “private sale loophole,” which does not require a background check, Bloomberg said Thursday.

“Unlicensed sellers of firearms are flooding the Internet with weapons,” Bloomberg said at City Hall news conference. “The result is a massive online, largely unregulated, secondhand firearms market that threatens the safety of all of us.”

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Source: Seattle PI


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  1. Dustin Ellermann

    Private party purchases are not illegal Bloomy. The rest of the country doesn’t have so many infringements like NY. Anyone can sell firearms in private party purchases in most states, and if they ship them it must go to an FFL dealer. No harm. No foul. Get over it.

  2. MikeA.

    They couldn’t spin Sandy Hook in to a gun control push when it
    happened, what makes that doofus think he can do it now? It seems
    like I read the people of that town were all for armed guards in
    their schools, just like the NRA suggested.