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  1. TD

    I got a flash-back queasy feeling when I saw the title of this post. After about 10 years of owning a boat and fighting currents, wind, etc. in putting my boat back on the trailer or working it back into my boat slip in Galveston–all with only minor problems relatively speaking–I had a serious “oh %*#$%” moment this summer. I was trying to ease back into my boat slip–while trying to dodge the unused fishing rods and crab trap left out near my discourteous neighbor’s boat slip (where they leave them as permanent obstructions). Just as I was reaching the point of no return on my entry, just when I had to carefully and precisely hit reverse and re-angle the entry approach, one of my passengers started asking me a question and accidentally dropped the push pole. That was all it took to distract me, and as I tried to recover from getting my boat all askew…I went too far with the throttle and ended up running my bow up onto the bulkhead. Still makes me sick to think about it–and of course there were neighbors out all over the canal! Great post. Now how about recommendations on where to find a new anchor roller??

    1. LRudow

      *Sigh* Yes, dontcha just love it when someone strikes up a conversation, right as you’re on the final approach…? D’op!

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