Expert: Sharks do like taste of human flesh

ACCORDING to Southern Cross University shark expert Dr Daniel Bucher it is not true sharks don’t like the taste of human flesh.

He said there was no evidence to support this claim, which he believed gained acceptance to allay people’s fears of shark attack.


“Normally they eat fish, but they don’t mind red meat if they can get it,” he said.

“Seals have very red meat (like humans) from oxygen binding proteins in the blood

“Great white sharks feed on seals.”

Other species likely to gnaw on a human were Tiger sharks.

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Source: My Daily News


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  1. Jim Foster

    (Some) sharks eat red meat, therefore they like to eat humans. Let’s just disregard the fact that virtually 100% of shark bites to humans do not result in the human being eaten.

    A faulty conclusion based on faulty statistics.

    Most murderers drink water, therefore water causes murder. Same methodology.

  2. David

    I’ve read where people who have eaten human flesh say it has a sweet taste. I know from having been around bodies that were burned in a fire, that the flesh & blood gives off a sickeningly sweet smell that once you’ve smelled it… you will instantly recognize it if you ever smell it again… even 20 yrs later.

    Who knows, maybe sharks like the sweet taste of humans. I know dogs are suppose to drink anti-freeze because of the sweet taste.

    As for shark bites on humans… there have been countless news stories over the years about surfers / swimmers who have had arms & legs bitten off. Australia seems to have a abundance of these stories every year. I would think a human wouldn’t be completely eaten because in most cases the human is larger than a seal and has heavier / thicker bones.