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  1. Malcolm Boucher

    I have plenty of fish in the freezer. If I need meat I can find it at the grocery store a lot cheaper. If coming down to 5 fish bag limit means i’m likely to catch bigger trout more often in Sabine, i’m all for it.

  2. Sam Johns

    Yes I think the smaller limits will be good ,it should allow the fish to grow bigger & there should be more of them. Also with nature killing a lots of fish any way we need something to help them reproduce. So I am for anything that will help the species.

  3. MikeY

    Yep! It’s all about trophy hunting! Deer, Bass, Cat fish, Red fish, Crappie, now trout and flounder and even Gar! Bigger horns, few can afford to hunt, bigger bass because of those who have bigger boats, bigger cat fish also specialized boats, Crappie same, Red fish everyone thinks they should catch a 42 incher from their bigger pescadore, Bigger Trout after all they paid 50 grand for that bay boat. You guys need to learn to talk fishing it is more than just Trophies!

  4. Kevin Calongne

    TP&W admits that there is no biological reason to implement these changes. It’s all about making trophy fishermen who don’t eat fish happy. It will be rammed through.

  5. James Tarver

    Since most of the male fish barely meat the minimum length, reduce the size limit to 14″ and keep the limit numbers the same. This will allow many of the “Meat Fishermen” to fill their stringers with males and keep the larger females for breeders. Not all people are trophy fishermen and just want a nice meal of fresh trout. This would also help reduse the casuality rate of releasing undersize fish.

    1. J.R. Mcdonald

      I agree this should be very strongly considered because many of us are not trophy fishermen!!

  6. Bryan Treadway

    I consider myself a conservationist, and believe the flounder still need some more help during their spawn migration, suspend gigging Oct-Dec.. The data will show this will help flounder get over the hump…and impact the fewest anglers. Thus season was a little late… And the flounder run ran into December

    Speckled trout on the other hand, are doing OK, according to TPWD’s own data…
    It comes down to more fish or bigger fish!
    Most anglers I know don’t freeze any fish they simply go catch it when needed.
    But what about the anglers in the NON Coastal states that don’t have easy access?
    They mostly want to catch fish… And have the opportunity to take some back to their freezers.
    We already have the biggest length size limit out of TX,LA,AL,& MS

    The is no reason other then wanting trophy size fish to change the limit RIGHT NOW

    All bets are off if we get a hard coastal freeze like in 83′

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