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  1. Thad

    We are all against illegal guns– it these fanatic that are lying about their name and agenda- they want to make all guns illegal–

  2. OL AG '89

    “It took on coffee chain Starbucks in July, pushing it to ban guns from its cafes. After a woman in Wake Forest, N.C., accidentally shot herself in the hand at a Staples store last August, the group urged company CEO Ron Sargent to adopt a company-wide ban on firearms in its stores.”

    I will see if this is true this weekend in Kingwood / Humble area, plan on doing an open carry into both.
    If there are no 30.06 signs posted…. I DARE them to say A WORD!!
    If they have 30.06 signs posted correctly, in accordance with the law, these will be 2 MORE stores my family WILL NOT patronize.
    If they CHOOSE to be political in their policies, I will CHOOSE to take my business where it is welcomed with open (and concealed) ARMS!!
    GOD BLESS TEXAS!! and the right to BEAR ARMS!!

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