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  1. James Rich

    Is this where i leave the funny comment? <that is all I've got…
    Thanks for everything you do. Especially for our youth I am always pleased to read and follow your posts about the camps you host.

  2. Gary warmanen

    Why is it so hard to get a tax stamp approved through you guys? A criminal wouldn’t go through what I’m going thru to get a NFA item. And why are suppressors a NFA item? They are not firearms.

  3. max

    this will do nothing to stop violent crime in any respect.. if you really want to curb that try gang control including your own gang…

  4. Kerry Rosenberry

    This was the comment I left for them on their website

    I find it frustrating that anyone believes passing MORE laws will somehow result in criminals (ie: law-BREAKERS) suddenly conforming to the laws.

    Rarely, if ever, has a law-abiding citizen has committed any crimes with LEGALLY-PROCURED and POSSESSED class 3 or NFA weapons or devices. Therefore making it HARDER for these LAW-ABIDING people to procure and possess these items makes absolutely NO sense.

    Please do NOT further infringe on the rights of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS on some fools errand in belief that ANY criminal will magically cease their ILLEGAL actions and begin obeying new laws. The thing that makes a criminal a criminal is the very fact that they IGNORE the laws…ALL laws.

    Thank you for your consideration

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Exactly Kerry! In my searching I couldn’t find a single instance of a legally owned class 3 weapon used in a crime. Yet they just want to make it harder to acquire. It’s messed up. Thanks for speaking up.

  5. Ferris Arnold

    I want to improve my skills shooting handguns. Any recommended literature?

    1. Patrick

      You can’t read a skill into making that skill. Get an instructor.

      1. Dustin Ellermann

        While I agree that real training is best, videos and reading is better than no training. With proper application you can read into a skill.

    2. Dustin Ellermann

      Hmmm, I know Gabby Franco from Top Shot recently published a book on Shooting, and I do always recommend dry fire practice. But here is her link:

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