New York Considers Outlawing Hog Hunting to Help Control Population

Newly proposed regulations would prohibit hunting or trapping free-ranging Eurasian boars in New York, the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced recently.

The proposal is part of the DEC’s effort to eradicate the invasive animal. The department has determined that letting the public hunt wild boars is not an effective means of getting rid of them. It can help spread their population because hunters may cause larger groups to disperse. feral hogs

“Eurasian boars are a great threat to natural resources, agricultural interests, private property and public safety wherever they occur,” DEC Commissioner Joe Martens said in a press release. “It’s important that we do all in our power to ensure that this invasive species does not become established in the wild anywhere in New York state.”

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Source: ADE


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  1. CharlesInTexas

    NY deserves the pigs. And if the DEC thinks they aren’t already established and that the DEC can get rid of them, they’re really stupid.

  2. KSG

    Hey NY DEC let me know how that hog population is next year! 1 male and 1 femal hog can produce 36 hogs in a year thru propagation. Breeding twice a year with a short gestation period
    causes a population explosion!
    Ask any rancher in Texas.