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  1. Dustin Ellermann

    I’m embarrassed this happened in Texas, but on our defense, Rev. Bruce Buchanan is really from New York. Now it makes since.

    1. CharlesInTexas

      Maybe we need to take up a collection to send him back to New York?

      1. Rev. William D. Van Syckle, USN(Ret)

        I would contribute to sending him back to that Communist State…

  2. Glenn G.

    Id be happy to give them $250 for one of those “assault” rifles. I bought the lower for an AR and then lost my job. Been wanting to complete it for nearly two years but my replacement job is at a christian school and pays peanuts. Barely break even each month so the lower just sits. 🙁 But hey, if the rev wants to sell I’d scrounge up $250. LOL

  3. duh duh

    One of BLOOMBERG’s foreign exchange spies.

  4. Bob

    I’m holding on to some old broken pieces of junk guns that aren’t even good scrap metal. I’m waiting for a “Gun Buy Back” program near me so I can make some $ off these worthless pieces of junk.

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