Report: Women Hunters Often the Target of Cyberbullies

A white-haired lady with delicate scarf draping her neck boasts membership in Soldiers for Christ on her Facebook page. A bald man quotes the Dalai Lama and Carl Sagan on his. And Matt of the UK is muscular, tattooed, and kind of cute.

What do these diverse characters have in common? They’re cyberbullies. They brazenly wish cancer, slaughter and suicide upon others. olivia opre

Among their targets are young women who pursue organic, free-range meat.

Olivia Opre is the daughter-in-law of former Detroit Free Press outdoor writer Tom Opre. She is the host of “Extreme Huntress,” a web program showcasing women who pursue their own food.

Recently she allowed me access to the surge in her hate mail. I watch as 107 messages appear before my eyes, dripping vitriol. “Your sons should die slow painful deaths.” “Drown in your own blood.” Full of religious fervor, many threaten afterlife consequences — ranting of hell, damnation — and advise suicide.

Reading Olivia’s messages brought back unpleasant memories. As national television’s first huntress, the sheer volume of psychotic ramblings directed at me as well as my young children left me dumb-founded and shaking.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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  1. Walt

    For all the ladies. Please ignore the unbalanced cyber-bullies out there. They hide behind the internet and try to intimidate people because they are cowards. I believe the vast majority of us men support your 2nd Amendment rights and your hunting rights.