Sowing Seeds by Shooting Shotgun Shells Sowing Seeds by Shooting Shotgun Shells

Folks have created 12 gauge shells with unique loads for years.  I’ve seen bolos, teargas, flechette darts, whistles, tracers, and even the ashes of a deceased family member in order to scatter the remains on a fun range day after a funeral.  However, these shotgun “seeds” seem like a pretty fun gardening tool!

(Credit: Indiegogo)

(Credit: Indiegogo)

According to this FlowerShell they plan to sell these at an overpriced $50 for 4 shells.  Their site also comes with a political statement that “regular shells kill, flowershell gives life”.  They obviously don’t know that hunting sustains life for humans.

Nevertheless, it’s a great idea for reloaders who could toy with their own loads.  I’d love to see a time-lapse video of the flowers growing after being “planted”.

Now if you excuse me, I think I need to plant a few rows of crops with my TTI Benelli M2.