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  1. Bova

    So…how much trouble am I going to get in for shooting these in my yard because of the city ordinance stating you are not supposed to shoot weapons in the city limits?

    “I swear, officer, I was just planting seeds in my garden!”

    1. Chili

      Just tell them you were following the Vice President’s advice. “Everyone should get a shotgun”.

  2. OL AG '89

    This is a GREAT home defense load…….
    Just think, even if they dont catch the crooks immediately after the crime, the police lineup would be something like this.
    you: Yes officer those ARE the guys! officer: ARE YOU SURE? you: ABSOLUTELY, I was loaded with pink daffodils that night and I see them sprouting out of their A**es right now!!
    Or better yet, if you’re lucky enough to rid the world of the crooks, you have been thoughtful in advance and sent them along WITH flowers…..

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