TFG Exclusive: Flounder dumped in parking lot

News headlines from around the country show Black Friday was shameful in many ways with random acts of violence. My wife Lisa and I saw something bizarre involving flounder during a stop to the Petco shopping center in Port Arthur Friday afternoon.

When we got out of the car we saw a huge pile of filleted flounder near a drain in the middle of the parking lot. It stunk badly and was a terrible sight for Christmas shoppers.

flounder petco 700

Sportsmen often get a reputation of being slobs and not caring about the resource and this kind of action certainly doesn’t help matters. Thousands of people who never fish or hunt saw this over the last few days.

We should police our own ranks and do our best to make sure actions like this are not tolerated.

By Chester Moore, Jr.

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  1. Rocke Roy

    There is no excuse for this type misbehavior, and does indeed reflect poorly on sport and commercial fishermen . But, when taken with the many horror stories associated with Black Friday this horrible offense pales by comparrison .

    Until God once again becomes a vital part of our national psyche, we. An expect more of the same shameful behavior.