TSA confiscates toy gun from “sock monkey”

Airport security agents confiscated a toy pistol from a sock monkey based on a John Wayne’s character in “True Grit.”

Phyllis May, of Redmond, Wasington, said she and her husband were traveling from St. Louis to Seattle with some of her hand-made dolls and sewing supplies stowed in her carry-on bag.

The bag wasn’t returned right away after the couple went through the screening process, and May said a Transportation Security Administration agent held it up and asked whose bag it was.

Knives on Planes

“I realized, oh my god, this is my bag,” May told KTVB-TV.

Inside was a cowboy sock monkey, “Rooster Monkburn,” that she makes and sells as part of her small business.

The TSA agent searched the bag and found the 2-inch-long toy pistol, which gave her pause.

“She said, ‘This is a gun,'” May said. “I said, ‘No, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.'”

But the agent remained concerned.

“She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?'” May said.

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 Source: Rawstory.com


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  1. MikeA.

    They must give a very simple IQ test to work for the TSA.
    If you pass, they send you packing & hire the ones that
    failed. If you show the slightest inkling of common sense
    you won’t be hired either.
    The same fools that brought you the TSA has brought you
    Obamacare. God help us!

  2. Sam Crunchie

    This is further proof that these incompetents hired by the TSA would not be capable of preventing a real threat to our safety. God help us!