TX A&M prof. says 2nd Amendment should be repealed

The Second Amendment should be repealed, according to Texas professor Mary Margaret Penrose. The Texas A&M School of Law professor has now joined the ranks of other some progressives and gun control activists who deem the Constitution and outdated, antiquated document.

Professor Penrose made her Second Amendment comments not at Texas A&M but at a panel discussion at the University of Connecticut.
Glock US Flag Constitution
The academic stated she feels the right to bear arms, as written, is largely misunderstood. Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy delivered the opening remarks at the gun control symposium organized by the Connecticut Law Review. After the governor signed an extremely restrictive gun control law in April, Colt firearms announced they would be leaving the state – and taking their jobs and tax revenue with them.
Source: Inquisitr


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  1. CharlesInTexas

    Please, please, Prof Penrose, stay in Conneticut or go to New York. We don’t need that liberal nonsense here in Texas. The only thing that’s largely misunderstood is the “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” and these liberal gun grabbing antis will never understand that.

  2. OL AG '89

    Dear Ms. Penrose,

    It is with sincere gratitude to announcement there is no reason for you return to OUR glorious institution of learning and freedom.
    I am sure you will be able to find a nice warm hole to crawl into with your liberal, anti-American friends of the Northeast.
    Please reply with a physical address of your new residence and I will cheerfully forward your prius and yeti pot to you.

    Interesting that A&M just recently opened our law school and it has already attracted the far left liberal gun grabbers…..

  3. dDoc C

    Professor Penrose, I voluntered to serve in this great nations’s military to preserve our Constitution and Amendments. Those include your right to free speech, but also my right to keep and bear arms. Don’t mess with my rights and I won’t mess with yours. Life can be pretty simple.

    Texas A&M ’71

  4. duh duh

    proof penhead please move to DC for the great gun control example, just like Chicago. Remember if you are in a violent crime, shout loudly “Stop or I’ll shout STOP again. Count the minutes it takes the police to respond to collect your crime data.

  5. MikeA

    Somebody should investigate A&M’s human resources policy on hiring teaching staff, apparently the standards were lowered
    for some unknown reason.

  6. TxRik

    All TA&M alums, make sure you let the school know of your displeasure; don’t just put a comment in this newsletter.