Conn. gun registration foreshadows confiscation

A photo depicting gun owners in Connecticut waiting in line to register their firearms is sparking outrage, with one Twitter user claiming the scene “Looks like Weimar Germany.”

Yesterday was the last day Connecticut residents could register “certain assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines,” under a new state law, according to NBC Connecticut.


Many speculate reports of long lines, in addition to threats that unregistered firearm owners would immediately become criminals come January 1st for possessing “illegal contraband,” merely serve to scare gun owners into complying with the unconstitutional mandate. However, the tactic doesn’t seem to be working.

As of Christmas only a paltry 25,000 “assault weapons” had been registered, in addition to only 17,000 “high-capacity” magazines.

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Source: Info Wars

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  1. David

    I’ve seen reports that claim AR sales make up about 1 out of every 4 sales in the last few years. So there are a heck of a lot of AR’s in the hands of the public… and possibly millions of high capacity magazines. To bad all the bullets are in the hands of our government!