Diane Sawyer to host kids and gun special

In a one-hour special, hidden cameras reveal shocking examples of what children do when left alone with a gun in the house. “Young Guns,” a “20/20″ report, airs Friday, January 31 at 10:00 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network. ABC Anchors Diane Sawyer and David Muir explore the issue of kids and guns in interviews across America with parents who expose their young children to guns to demystify them, and parents who believe a gun is only secure from kids when it is in a safe.

Sawyer goes to a New Jersey neighborhood to talk to families about their attitudes on gun safety in the home. She also finds out whether or not they know if their neighbors have any unsecured guns and if this factor could pose a risk to their child during play dates.

The special includes interviews with parents who have lost their children to unsecured guns in their own home or at their neighbor’s house, and kids who surprise their parents by showing them where guns are “hidden.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Muir travels the country talking to parents who own guns who are convinced that educating a child about the dangers of guns is part of the solution.  Many of those parents believe that teaching their children how to shoot at a young age will diminish curiosity and ensure their children’s safety around firearms.

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Source: ABC News


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  1. OL AG '89

    “hidden cameras reveal shocking examples of what children do when left alone with a gun in the house”
    I would love for them to come to MY house, but because I am a RESPONSIBLE gun owner, there would be no drama because all my guns are LOCKED UP IN MY SAFE….. unless I have it on my hip!
    Another attempt by the LIBERAL media to show us how “BAD” guns are when they should be concentrating on the irresponsible gun owners that allow children UNSURPERVISED access to the guns.
    More TAIL trimmings from the BIASED MEDIA!!

  2. Fred Thompson

    Great. Another true and unbiased view of the “hard workin midl class”. Never tire of their dog and pony shows.