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  1. CharlesInTexas

    This might sound nice to the anti gunners, but in reality it won’t work. Like any lock it can be broken if someone wants it bad enough. It wouldn’t take much to disable a RFID chip or remove it from the gun. Sugar coating is all it would amount to.

  2. David H

    Electronics in a firearm is just something else that Mr Murphy can mess with. Pardon me Mr Carjacker. Would you be so kind as to give me a minute while I reboot my pistol? The next steps, in rapid succession, would be for the government to require a gps locator in every firearm and then the ability to remotely disable the firearm.

  3. MikeY

    How many million weapons are already in our possession? This is just more stupid BS! A way to find our weapons so that, in violation of the Constitution, the government would be able too confiscate! WE should oppose all gun control just as the Constitution provides our right to own them!

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