TPWD Drawn Hunt, Mason Mountain Trophy Gemsbok
My Buddy Casey and I got drawn for two permits out of 3800+ applicants for the hunt of a lifetime. We hunted for three days and froze our butts off (19 degrees is pretty cold for a South Texan) climbing, running and stalking all over Mason Mountain WMA. Needless... Read more
Recreational fishing groups are crying foul over a National Marine Fisheries Service pilot program that has taken a percentage of the 2014 recreational red-snapper quota and given it to a select group of charter-boat captains. As part of the program, 17 captains operating out of Texas, Alabama and Florida were issued unhindered access... Read more
WASHINGTON — A group of Democratic lawmakers is seeking to revive stalled gun control efforts on Capitol Hill, after President Barack Obama pledged in his State of the Union address Tuesday to take action “with or without Congress.” Reps. Alan Lowenthal (Calif.), Mike Thompson (Calif.), and Elizabeth Esty (Conn.)... Read more
South Africa is known around the world for its breathtaking wildlife.  The country is home to an astounding number of mammal species.  But some, like elephants and lions, face a serious threat from poachers.  Animal parts are being sold for high profits on black markets, particularly in Asia. Protecting... Read more
he long-awaited U.S. Farm Bill — which contains key conservation priorities benefiting breeding ducks — cleared a major hurdle Wednesday on a 251-166 vote the House of Representatives. While the $956 billion Farm Bill cuts nearly $19 billion from food stamps, farm programs, commodity programs and conservation during the... Read more
Video: Jaguar Vs. Caiman (closeup)
This jaguar versus caiman footage has circulated on the Net awhile but you probably have not seen it like this. Read more
Texas coral snakes found to have frightening venom
The Texas coral snake is the most beautifully marked snake in my home state and I just had the great pleasure of filming with a large one for an episode of God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore. The author with a huge Texas coral snake he filmed for season 2... Read more
Silicon Valley promoting “smart” guns
Gun violence in the US is an all too common occurrence. Almost every day, there’s a new school shooting or a report of someone’s kid getting shot accidentally. Could technology come to the rescue? A group spearheaded by angel investing kingpin Ron Conway thinks it can, and it has... Read more