Magazine January 1, 2014

The Real Bow Christmas came early for me this year. To be exact, it showed up on September 28, the opening day of the archery deer season in Texas. Besides having a successful hunt, I received a life lesson in values and ethics, and a renewed appreciation for time... Read more

Editor’s Notes

Magazine January 1, 2014

Wildlife Must be the Focus The name of this publication for the last 30 years has been Texas Fish and Game. It could have just as easily been Texas Fishing and Hunting or something of that nature but in the beginning, someone decided to make the “Fish and Game”... Read more

Texas Bowhunting

Magazine January 1, 2014

Those Late Season Whitetails “I t ain’t over until it’s over!” I am sure that somebody famous first used that line though I have no idea who that could be, but how true that statement is especially for deer season in Texas. This great state still offers three more... Read more
Michelin North America is recalling Michelin LTX M/X tires for tread separation problems which can lead to rapid air loss resulting in possible loss of vehicle control and increased risk of a crash. The tires in question were produced from January 10, 2010 and June 23, 2012 and were... Read more