“Worst Booth Awards” SHOT Show 2014

The “Worst Booth at SHOT Show 2014″ Award goes to:

Gunbusters” with their “incredible destroying machine”

Here is their product video:

With the runner up being the trolled ATF booth, decal courtesy of the Black Hills Ammo Booth.  Since there was 65,000 attendees at SHOT I think we have 64,997 suspects of this awesome act of vandalism.  We have ruled out the 2 ATF agents and Gunbuster rep.
Atf agent ATF booth- 79


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  1. daniel

    I agree..I saw his booth..and had to do more than one double take..It was like it really didn’t register the first time..

  2. TexasKid747

    “Gunbusters” with their “incredible destroying machine”

    Sponsored by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, and many other examples of UnAmerican history.