Trout, flounder proposals spark debate

Texas’ plan of implementing new fishing restrictions on spotted sea trout and flounder has sparked a heated discussion between fishing aficionados and state officials.

Aside from providing a worthy pastime to sporting fishermen, angling adds $2 billion to Texas economy each year.

With the planned restrictions, small-time fishermen are claiming that they are being eased out to make way for richer anglers.

“It’s a big emotional deal,” said Andrew Sansom, who led the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department from 1990 to 2001 and is now executive director of the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University.

The state has already implemented a partial ban on harvest of flounder and spotted trout, issuing just a limited number of licenses to commercial fishermen.

Last week, officials with the Parks and Wildlife Department discussed the possibility of imposing additional restrictions on the two fish, which are among the most sought after in Texas.

In November, during flounders’ spawning season, fishermen can catch only two fish per day on Galveston Bay.

The department is considering lengthening that period of such a low “bag limit,” or maximum allowable catch. In addition, the bag limit for spotted trout may be reduced to five from 10 year-round.

“It’s really about what we call helping the bag distribution, trying to get people to be able to harvest more fish,” said Jeremy Leitz, a statistician for the department.

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  1. Thad

    “small-time fishermen are claiming that they are being eased out to make way for richer anglers”

    Who can explain this statement?

    • Walt kittelberger

      As I see it fishing is on the same trajectory as hunting. As the cost of fishing goes up participation by less affluent fishermen goes down. The price of hunting leases and fishing boats are all but out of the reach of many.

  2. James

    I believe the trout & flounder proposals would better accepted if there was a little Give Back in other areas like increase redfish limit or reduce size limit to 18″ & stop commercial floundering ( including guided floundering trips) if the real object is for people to be able to harvest more fish as stated by the statistician for the TPWD . JMO