Scientists track cougar in Hollywood
For more than a year and a half, the solitary mountain lion known as P-22 has made himself right at home in Griffith Park within view of Hollywood’s Capitol Records building. By night, he cruises the chaparral-covered canyons, dining on mule deer, raccoon and coyote. By day, while tots ride the... Read more
Federal background checks have stopped more than 2.1 million would-be gun purchases in the 20 years since President Bill Clinton signed the Brady gun control bill, according to a report released Friday by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. But in as much as Brady’s report is designed... Read more
Vintage MONSTER rattlesnake photo
About 25 years ago, someone gave me this photo of a monster rattlesnake allegedly in Texas. While the length on the snake is hard to tell, the girth is definitely impressive. It almost looks like an eastern diamondback, a snake quite a bit thicker than our western diamondback in... Read more
U.S. Geo. scientists produce hybrid wolf/coyote pups
Scientists have successfully produced hybrid pups between a male western gray wolf and a female western coyote in captivity. By artificially inseminating a female western coyote with western gray wolf sperm, U.S. Geological Survey scientists and partners from the St. Louis Zoo, University of California, Davis, and Wildlife Science... Read more
Tracking great white sharks with a drone via Iphone
Imagine floating on the empty blue Pacific Ocean, nothing but water in every direction, sunrise to sunset. Yet under the surface swim thousands of great white sharks. That’s not a bad dream — it’s actually what happens around this time of year several thousand miles off the coast of... Read more
Huge hog stuck in fence, charges people
Hawaii-An Aina Haina resident captured a photo of a feral pig in the neighborhood on  Tuesday. The pig walked up the driveway of one home at around noon and charged Bailey, the resident’s dog. The feral pig got its tusks lodged in the fence in the back yard.  After ... Read more