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  1. E J

    “Gun violence research”? I believe John Lott did that for them when he was an anti-gun guy, didn’t he? In addition if we pull the most common thread in mass shootings and criminal activity we find the political left is responsible for the lions share of gun mayhem. So, illegalize guns for liberals. See what they say then. Thanks for the article and God bless you in your ministry.

  2. James Andrews

    This is a joke. Criminals obey no laws, and none of this bull would ever have any affect on the amount of gun violence and gun crimes committed. It actually only strengthens the resolve of both law abiding citizens and criminals as well. This idiot of a senator needs to lose his job, and the idiots in this apparently leftist leaning state need to wise up, and stop electing such morons, who only vow to abuse and not abide by the very Constitution that they swore to uphold! They should send this senator to face a noose, period.

    1. roy

      saw a show that had prisoners in prison talking about gun laws, One said ” DO you or any body think a convict would worry about a gun law,, all they do is help us keep the law abiding people from shooting us,passing bills to keep guns out of the public hands keep us safer. WE do not have to worry that the person we are going to rob has a gun.. putting a chip or any such device keeps the gun out of your wife’s hand and shooting it at the attacker that just knocked it out of your hand and because of a chip you both die …keep guns and laws where they are we have more than enough laws and safety on guns now !!

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