FOX: ABC news report on guns misleading

Gun control advocates not only push new fees and taxes on guns to reduce ownership, but they also employ another tactic: scaring people into not owning guns.

Last week, on January 31, ABC News saturated its news programs with the alleged danger of gun ownership.

It started early in the day with a segment on “Good Morning America,” then came a report on the evening news, and finally an entire hour devoted to the subject on “20/20.”

Scaremongering about guns costs lives by making us less safe and turning people into sitting ducks for criminals.

The reports all focused on the dangers guns pose for children.

Although a producer for ABC News spent hours asking me questions about this subject before the reports aired on various news programs, our discussions seemed to have had no impact.

What I told them just didn’t fit the type of story they wanted to tell.

The producers appeared to want to argue that gun ownership had fallen, dropping as low as 33%, implying that gun ownership really is not all that popular any more.

Yet, as I explained to the producer I spoke with, the General Social Survey poll they wanted to cite was unusual. Other polls had found much higher rates of gun ownership.

Indeed, I pointed out, much to her surprise, ABC News’ own polls show that gun ownership has changed little, currently holding at 43%. But in their reports, ABC didn’t even mention their own polls, instead cherry-picking the one with the lowest number.

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Source: Fox News

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  1. Chiefatk

    ABC’s complete staff is tainted and the worst of the lot is Sawyer and Meir. They distort facts and declair their lies as truth. Any poll can be structured to obtain the desired results. If that is not enough, ABC has no problem rearranging poll results to fit their gun control agenda. I and many of my associates, and their families as well, have turned off ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and other biased news outlets. There is very few reliable news sources any more, a sad day for honesty in reporting.

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