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  1. Criss Morgan

    The Russians seem to be authorized to import over two hundred thousand of their Kalashnikov rifles, but Obama refuses to allow M1 Garands to be imported here from Korea. These are American made rifles which were given to the South Korean government by the American government after the Korean War in order to arm Korean soldiers. Now that they are no longer needed, they are stored in warehouses in Korea. When the Korean government wanted to give them back to America, Obama refused to allow it, calling them “assault weapons which have large capacity magazines”. These historical weapons, most of which were used in WWII, are in high demand here. The truth about them is that they can only hold 8 rounds maximum at any time and are clip fed, not magazine fed. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to make them hold more than 8 cartridges due to the design of the rifle. It is a typically stupid Obama remark and his reasoning doesn’t hold water. I believe he is just scared that someone may want to use one of the rifles on him.

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