Now comes the R.I.P. bullet…

If you’ve spent much time chatting with firearms aficionados, there’s a good chance you’ve heard one of them weigh in on carrying a .45 caliber self-defense pistol versus investing in one chambered for nine-millimeter rounds.

Nine-millimeter nuts brag about the number of rounds their weapons can carry. Most full-sized nine-millimeter handguns come with double-stacked magazines that carry 15-20 rounds each.

Fans of the .45 generally have fewer shots per magazine, but they argue that it’s a bigger round with more stopping power. At firing ranges, gun stores and internet forums across the nation, it’s not hard to find someone who insists you just can’t count on the nine-millimeter for self-defense.

If the folks at G2 Research have their way, though, those critics will soon be eating their words. The ammunition manufacturer recently revealed their new nine-millimeter Radically Invasive Projectile bullet design, and it’s a sight to see.


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  1. Dustin Ellermann

    I’m not sure I buy this yet. I watched all the videos I could find on it, and while it looked very “explosive” in Clear Ballistics Gel it only caused minor tissue damage. It was widespread but is only tiny fragments. This definitely would hurt and lead to death eventually, but for self defense you need quick stopping power. Shot placement still wins. And these suckers are bound to be expensive being CDC milled. I saw them going for over $13 PER ROUND on recently.

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