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  1. bruce

    the people who buy guns illegally will do so no mater were they are their it not much you can do if someone wants a gun they will get it .

  2. Jason

    First off, some people need to pull their heads out of thier uninformed rectums. Get out your pen and paper and prepare to be informed. The law done what the law is supossed to do, arrested the guilty. The Seller traveled across a state line (Federal offense) and requires the transfer of any firearm through a FFL if it travels across state lines. Next the seller who was an adult (who also knows better) sold the handgun to a minor under the age of 21 (Federal offense number 2). Clearly he could tell the kid wasnt 21 and knew it was illegal. Any lawyer will tell you that stupidy is not validation to break the law. If I as a law biding citizen of Tennessee who wishes to sell a firearm to another individual, I have the right to ask to see a valid Tennessee identification for proof of age/residence, ask if the individual has anything that would prevent him from legally owning/possessing the firearm or pass a Tennessee State and federal back ground check. If that buyer refuses any of the above then I will not make that sale. That is my right and his right to deny proof of the aforementioned. If he provides me all the above information and I sell him that firearm then it is HIS responsibility to register the firearm in his name, not mine. So before you go jumping on the backs of law abiding citizens for the incompetance of a few. Do your homework and start holding the involved people accountable. Consider yourself informed.

  3. Gary Rister

    Mayors against GUNS ??? NO they are SOCIALIST AGAINST FREEDOM — OF aMERICANS.
    TAKE the deal with RUSSIA going on now March 2014 !!! Just a ploy to keep your eyes off Harry Reid-Pelosi
    And the so called KING BULLS— Have OBAMA !! nothing but a muslimm terrorist himself. His key duty is to DESTROY
    teh REPUBLIC OF AM”U”RICA *** facebook is a key player for Obama to begin with !!

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