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  1. Glenn

    The L A Times attempts to use the same approach as does all liberal media in saying that the NRA is responsible for the voting pattern of Congress on gun issues. It’s their constituents that will vote that affect how these people are going to consider any nominee, not the NRA. Any nominee that holds a position that is in violation of the Constitution should automatically be voted down.

  2. James Andrews

    No one cares what this obviously leftist owned rag thinks.

  3. MIkeY

    This stupid argument that guns are health issue can be made on many objects, even places. How many people die each year in hospitals, auto accidents in single plane crash? The only thing these Progressives want to do is disarm Americans. So lets be silly, sharks should be outlawed, cars, trucks, scalpels, peanuts, eggs, shell fish, the flu, mosquito’s, roaches, rats and mice. mold……..the human race? These Ivy league progressive morons could put their intellectual, so they think, abilities to better use………………

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