My Saddle Blanket


best-flouder-catch-3a33 inches, Thick. wider than myself at the torso. Massive muscular thick tail. Eyes held a good distance apart. A live 8 inch mullet hooked onto a nylon leader using a 1 oz. egg . A saltwater Carolina rig. Caught in Southeast Texas around Sabine Pass. At the time I didn’t realize how rare the catch was. So I didn’t think to have it TPWD weighed and measured. Back then where we fish catching big ones I knew wasn’t an every day thing but nor did I think it was such a rare deal or I would have drove head on to the nearest wildlife station to get her certified. Plus I was just one happy Abu Garcia bait caster that day. She wouldn’t even fit in the cooler . That was a fight in it self . The lid kept popping back open , she didn’t want to stay in there. Not that it took much. Just a twist and flop of her hulkish tail and there went the lid and the cooler . I should have put her out of her misery.

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