Shooting Myths: Knockdown Power Shooting Myths: Knockdown Power

Video source: Outdoor Hub

Knockdown [nok-doun]

  1. Capable of knocking something down; overwhelming; irresistible: a knockdown blow.
  2. Internet lore referring to the ability of large guns like .45s and shotguns to literally knock people off their feet.

Last week, I wrote about Ten Examples of the Internet’s Worst Gun Advice, and that created quite the discussion! A lot of the conversation centered on the issues related to “knockdown power.” Some are still convinced that projectiles from a shotgun shell will knock someone backwards, through a plate glass window, or into the next county. Others got hung up on related issues, like stopping power or lethality…

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Source: Outdoor Hub

  • David

    March 20, 2014 #1 Author

    I’m calling ‘bull’ on this video. Completely bogus video & results in relation to ‘Knock down” power. The sand bag was already sitting down on the ground. Knock down power traditionally refers to shooting a person who is standing-up and knocking them off their their feet! Not causing them to fall over while sitting on the ground. Also, the sandbag sitting on the ground has a completely different center of gravity than a human sitting on the ground. The sandbag didn’t have a mass the size & wright of a bowling ball flopping around on top…. representing a human’s head. the sandbag should be replaced with a gelatin like torso supported on legs. Also, bullets act completely different in fluid & tissue than they do in dry sand.

    The military proved the ‘knock down’ kinetic energy power of the slower heavier .45 over lighter faster .38 spls and 9mm’s long ago. Shooting a bag of dry sand on the ground isn’t nearly equivalent to shooting a man or large game animal full of fluid while standing on its feet.


    • David

      March 20, 2014 #2 Author

      Spelling Correction- The sandbag didn’t have a mass the size [[& weight]] of a bowling ball flopping around on top…. representing a human’s head.


  • Jimmie

    November 4, 2014 #3 Author

    Bull. My son in law was shot with a 45 ACP in the leg close to his groin. The bullet exit was through his buttocks and it put him flat on his face. This video is a complete farce.


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