Texas cop’s response to open carry activists goes viral (video) Texas cop’s response to open carry activists goes viral (video)

As we’ve noted in previous reports, sometimes things can spin out of control when open carry activists and police officers meet. That was certainly not the case in Austin, Texas, when an officer responded to a call about “suspicious” men openly carrying rifles.

In a video posted on YouTube in January by the activist group Come and Take It Texas, an officer is seen approaching the armed men in a non-aggressive fashion.

“Just checking you guys out,” he says in the video. “I already know the law.”

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Source: The Blaze

  • James Andrews

    March 5, 2014 #1 Author

    Awesome……..keep up the good work!


  • chiefatk

    March 5, 2014 #2 Author

    It’s cool that we do have some policemen that have common sense. We need more like him. The only other comment I have is that the talking part of the video, with all the background music, is hard for hearing impared indivuals to understand, myself included. I prefer listening to the talker not the music, thank you.


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