Wyoming Welder Faces $75,000 a Day in EPA Fines Over What He Built on His Own Property


Image source: The Blaze

Andy Johnson, a hardworking welder in Wyoming, and his wife put their “blood, sweat and tears” into building a stock pond on their 8-acre farm. They constructed it with their bare hands, filling it with brook and brown trout and even bringing in ducks and geese to float on the clear water.

However, Johnson’s dream of a pond quickly turned into a nightmare when the federal government stepped in and threatened him with civil and criminal penalties, including a potential $75,000-a-day fine…

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Source: The Blaze


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  1. MIkeY

    Why the EPA should be closed down! No one seems to have any oversight with these federal EMPLOYEES! Between them, the IRS DHHS and other federal programs we have become Subjects of federal RULERS! AND the zar does not consider himself subject tot the primary rule of our nation, the Constitution.

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