Connecticut Residents’ Gun Rights Change Dramatically on April 1 — and It’s No April Fools’


Image source: The Blaze

MIDDLETOWN (TheBlaze/AP) – Connecticut State Police are reminding firearms owners that state regulations on long guns will change Tuesday.

Troopers say that beginning April 1, long guns cannot be sold or transferred without one of the following documents: a permit to carry pistols or revolvers, an eligibility certificate for pistols or revolvers or a long gun eligibility certificate.

State police say those documents also will allow people to buy ammunition. Anyone who wants to buy ammunition and not additional firearms will only be required to obtain an ammunition certificate.

Also beginning Tuesday, hunting licenses will no longer be accepted for the purchase of long guns.

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Source: The Blaze


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  1. James

    I would expect the NRA, NSSF, and other pro-gun organizations to challenge these laws and file for an injunction pending final outcome. These laws are a prima facia violation of the 2nd amendment and probably will not stand legal scrutiny. The only question is whether our membership dues are going to be used effectively or are we going to let the left whittle away at our constitutional rights.

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