Follow Up: UFOs Spotlighting Deer? Trail Camera Manufacturer Offers Possible Answer


Earlier this week, OutdoorHub reported on a story from Jackson County, Mississippi in which a trail camera picked up a bizarre image. In it, a deer appeared to have its back to the camera while two eerie lights hovered nearby. The couple who owns the trail cam, Rainer and Edith Shattles, said they found no tire tracks near the area when they checked. With a truck or ATV ruled out, they guessed that the lights might have belonged to a drone or even a UFO—alien or otherwise.

The story caused much speculation among UFO enthusiasts, hunters, and internet commenters. OutdoorHub was hardly an exception, and many comments flooded our Facebook page with theories on what the strange lights were. Some of our readers said that the claims of UFOs and drones were absurd.

“It’s just a double reflection of the deer’s eyes. It happens all the time,” wrote author and OutdoorHub contributor Bernie Barringer. “The deer is not standing with its back to the camera, it is facing the camera and the washout of the deer’s face is simply the reflection of the deer’s tapetum lucidum on the retina.”

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Source: Outdoor Hub

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