New York Town Calls on Local SWAT Team Members to Cull Deer New York Town Calls on Local SWAT Team Members to Cull Deer


The town of North Tonawanda, New York revived a bait-and-shoot program last month to deal with what local leaders call a significant deer overpopulation. According to the Niagara Gazette, the cull will be carried out by four members of the city police department’s SWAT team between March and October.

“We’re not starting anything radical,” Third Ward Alderman Zadzilka told the Gazette. “We’re resuming what we did in the past. We were hearing a lot more complaints from residents in the last two years about property damage. That’s what precipitated bringing this back.”

The town first started the sharpshooting program in 2004 when experts from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) counted over 1,000 deer within the city boundaries. With DEC approval, the North Tonawanda police department maintained a deer management program until 2008. In that time frame, police sharpshooters killed about 241 deer.

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