Not Just Nevada, BLM Land-Grabbing 90,000 Deeded Acres in Texas Too [Video] Not Just Nevada, BLM Land-Grabbing 90,000 Deeded Acres in Texas Too [Video]

While the eyes of the nation are focused upon the rural Nevada town of Bunkerville and the Bundy Ranch, another significant land grab is underway in the other half of the country. While less physically confrontational at present, government oppression is none the less at the root of a dispute on the border between Oklahoma and Texas. It’s an on-going process, following the migration of the Red River, which the feds define differently dependent upon their their “needs.”

Tommy Henderson lost a lawsuit thirty years ago and with it 140 acres of his ranchland. The BLM victory resulted in the Oklahoma/Texas border being redrawn a mile to the south of where it had previously been.

Henderson received nothing in exchange for his land. Not one cent, and the BLM is back for more. This time they’ve got their eyes on roughly 90,000 acres. And they are employing similar tactics to what won for them in the eighties.

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Source: gopthedailydose.com

  • CharlesInTexas

    April 14, 2014 #1 Author

    BLM is another government THUG, trampling on the rights of citizens of the USA. It’s time to clean house, the White House that is.


  • Karen in Texas

    April 15, 2014 #2 Author

    That is ridiculous. I am so sick of the government trampling on people. It started at the top in our White House and trickles down. When does this nonsense STOP? What am I leaving my children to in the future.


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