Putting an End to the Insanity: Our Soldiers Deserve Their 2nd Amendment


Criminals, crazed maniacs, and terrorists always obey the rules.

After all, Sandy Hook Elementary School’s gun-free policy deterred Adam Lanza from his sadistic plot to slaughter children in Newtown, Conn. The same policy at Rocori High School stopped Jason McLaughlin from pulling a gun on his fellow students in my childhood home of Cold Spring, Minn. In the same vein, the Cinemark Theater chain’s gun-free zone policy certainly dissuaded James Holmes from his plan to walk into a dark room of unsuspecting movie goers in Aurora, Colo. and blast the life out of them.

Indeed, criminals, crazed maniacs, and terrorists always obey the rules.


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Source: The Blaze

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  1. chiefatk

    This attitude of a gun free zone has never made sense to me, especially in a military environment. Our military are trusted with the latest in weaponry to defend the interests of the United States but are not trusted with weapons to defend themselves. The ground forces are probably more qualified to carry weapons than most, if not all, civilians due to their constant training for and in hostile environments. I remember as a young sailor, I stood aviation ramp watchs, in a communist controlled country, with a M1 Carbine, minus ammunition. That was over 50 years ago and as stupid then as it is now. As retired military, I utilize the services on Ft Hood and would feel much safer knowing that my brothers in arms were not totally disarmed.

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