(Video) ARES SCR – Is This The AR-15 Alternative Residents in Gun Control States Have Been Waiting For?

It was bound to happen. A gun with the same controls as the AR-15, but with none of the so called “military features” that gun control advocates like to ban in less than free states.

Here we have the ARES Defense Systems, Inc. SCR (Sporting Configurable Rifle). The rifle seems to use a proprietary lower receiver without a buffer tube that features similar controls to the standard AR-15 lower.

It seems that the lower will accept any standard AR-15 upper the same way and AR-15 lower would.

I believe this rifle would be legal in most gun control states.

In my opinion, the more traditional rifle styling looks better than some of the abominations we’ve seen come out of New York and California to get around their rifle bans.

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Source: Gunssvaelives.net

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