Redfish action is steady; trout beachfront invasion about a month late
Capt. Mike Williams (www.galvestonfishingguides.com) says he has been keeping records on water temperatures for 50 years and to his knowledge he has never seen the water temps at this time of the year this low. “The water temperatures now are actually what I would see in late April, early... Read more
2015 Ford F-150 gets the torture treatment and lives (well) to tell the tale
Every day, I am asked questions about the new F-150 truck and most of them are about toughness, durability and whether the new 2015 model will be wimpier than its predecessors. Rest assured that the team at Ford Truck wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their position as the top... Read more
California bill restricting out-of-state gun transfers passes state Assembly (VIDEO)
A measure that will place restrictions on firearms coming into the state and, according to gun-rights groups, will criminalize common firearm transactions, passed the California state Assembly Wednesday. The legislation would make changes that go beyond existing federal laws to the state’s gun statutes involving firearm transfers on guns received... Read more
VIDEO: Igniting a Tracer Bullet
Check out this new Demolition Ranch video!  Matt tests what happens when you ignite a tracer round. Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more
VIDEO: Florida man rides the back of a giant shark!
Riding any wild animal is generally not a good idea, but in this YouTube video, a man did just that – he ridesa giant whale shark off Florida’s west coast. The video was posted under the user name LimitedOutFishing and shows a man jumping off the back of a... Read more
Ohio 7-year-old reels in ancient fish in first ever catch
PERRY TWP., Ohio – Tip Pullin considers his jaunts to Sippo Lake an opportunity; not just to relax at his favorite pastime–fishing–but also as the perfect chance to teach younger generations that angling for native Ohio fish is every bit more fun than a video game. Pullin’s goddaughter Hajile Danzy... Read more
Massachusetts Set to Become Most Anti-Gun State in the Country
If Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo has launched an all out assault on the gun rights of law abiding gun owners in his state. If he gets his way, MA will become one of the most difficult states in the nation to acquire and own a gun,... Read more
Important recall: 1.39 million Ford vehicles
I thought I had gotten away with a new recall-less week, but no luck. This time the the recalls affect more than 900,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs for a potential problem with the torque sensor in the steering column in 2008 to 2011 vehicles.  Also on the... Read more