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  1. Mike Douglas

    I miss my HEMI powered Ram 2500 but do not miss the horrible gas mileage. I personaly only buy trucjs with a solid front axle and despise IFS front ends on a full size truck. That being said, if the put the Eco-Diesel into the Ram Power Wagon then ill be first in line to buy one. Those gas engines just cant take a beating like a diesel can and typically start deteriorating after 100-150k miles. Of course time will tell hiw well and how long that Eco-Diesel will last.

    1. Linda Water Nelson

      Hi, Mike. So far the EcoDiesel is being very well received. As to whether we can expect to see it in the Power Wagon, we’ll have to wait and see. The folks at RAM have shown that they have lots up their sleeve and I suspect we will continue to see some pretty interesting innovations in the next few years. The current Power Wagon is pretty impressive. I’ve driven it both on and off road.

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