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  1. Philip Margotta

    So why the shortage !

  2. Steve Gamble

    Justin, hoarding is not the problem. Almost all of Federal’s and Winchester’s 22’s are going to the US and Saudi gov’t’s as practice rounds for the balance of a 7 year contract. Until manufacturers expand production lines there is going to be shortages and hoarding has nothing to do with it.

    1. Dustin

      That’s a very interesting theory Steve, please provide any links you can about the entire Saudi ammo shipments.

    2. Chris Smith

      How do you figure? Many dealers were showing up to Walmart for example and buying cases, then re-selling them. Some people know what time shipments come in, and send family and friends as well. Just look at all the people trying to sell bricks on Gun Broker and such for $50-$60. Also, gun sales have increased dramatically. People were buying 22’s for something cheap to shoot. As well as a lot of companies making “tactical .22 rifles”. I don’t know what world you are living in.

    3. Greg Williams

      I don’t know of any govt agency that trains with .22’s. Everyone I know trains with the weapon that they will carry while on duty. So what agency’s are doing this.?

    4. Parallax3D

      Nothing but conspiracy theory b.s.! The government doesn’t use .22lr for “practice ammo!” That may have been the case DECADES ago, but no longer. The military has even sold most of it’s .22lr guns, (from Kimber, etc.), to the public through the CMP program.

    5. MacGyver

      I work in a gun store. I see the same few hundred people showing up every day and calling every day when we get our freight trucks, they are hoarding. I was also an Infantry Marine for 8 years from ’02 to ’10 during the brunt of Iraq and Afghanistan, we have 1 specific saying of many to put the “Government agencies using 22s for practice” theory to shame; “Train like you fight, fight like you train.” This means that once you practice a certain set of TTPs (Tactics, Techniques & Procedures) in training and gain proficiency and accuracy in that skillset, you should not, for any reason change your methods until you have practiced first. And you use those TTPs in a real world situation like combat. So we use 5.56x45N in our M-16s and M-4s, it has a “pinpoint target “accurate effective range of 550m, and an “area target” effective range of 800m. We do train to these standards of distance. It does have a little recoil and accuracy at those greater distances take practice and is a true skillset. Before we started using the Trijicon ACOGs around 2006, we used to have to do this with iron sights. So why would we train with a caliber that has an effective range of about 125m and has no recoil and in a platform that is nothing like the real M-16? We don’t, neither do other forms of military, paramilitary or law enforcement. While it may cut costs and make training easier, it would be setting you up for failure for the aforementioned reasons. Furthermore, if CCI is putting out 4 million rounds a day, that’s only 8,000 bricks. If the other top 5 or 6 ammo companies are also putting out as much (Which I can guarantee they’re not since CCI is the premiere 22lr manufacturer) that’s only about 40,000 bricks a day. Now, take that and divide it up amongst 120 million known gun owners in America (Plus, if any one of these gun owners owns more than 2 guns, chances are that 1 of them is 22lr), whom most of which are checking in their gun stores daily for 22lr ammo. That is barely enough supply for less than one percent of gun owners on a daily basis.

  3. Randy Peine

    BUT, this is JUST CCI, combine Winchester, Federal and Remington. Now how many rounds per day are being made? I agree about the hoarding, people are re-selling for un-Godly prices, It makes me Ill trying to teach my girls how to shoot safely and hunt responsibly when I cant find ammo

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  5. t

    Interesting that they never answer the original question — which type for what purpose.

  6. darrell shaffner

    there are other makers of ammo out there too and a lot of walmart stores are holding back on 22 ammo others probably are too they gouge prices also

  7. Dustin


  8. Larry

    Uh, folks, there is more than just CCI making ammunition..

  9. Jim

    So CCi makes more than a million rounds a day and ther is sure as hell more than one mfg.,so why in the hell is there a shortage? I have seen written on the web that a guy had more than 60,000 rds of .22 ,so don’t tell me that ther is no hording!

  10. Jay

    So people don’t think something is going on? They push the idea that citizens are hoarding, and thus causing this issue? Are you joking? How much hoarding by citizens would have to take place to cause this much instability in supply? Also, further proof it’s really the gubmint hoarding! I last heard that the gubmint was going to destroy, 2 BILLION rounds of ammo. Not resell as surplus. DESTROY! Are you sure there isn’t something going on? The gubmint could resell this ammo for pennies on the round, and some businessman could turn around and sell them for pennies on top of that and make money. But no, they want to destroy the rounds. Then you have all these federal agencies now with tactical units. Why does the irs, or the blm, or epa (etc. etc. etc.) need tactical combat units (and all the gear associated with said units)? It is the government people!

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  12. David

    It is not a demand side shortage, it is a supply side shortage. 22 and 5.56 are stranded from the same molds. After we started winding down a war, and foresaw demand decreasing, many manufactures cut production from three shifts to one. There is a static number of ammo consumed domestically annually. If production stayed at wartime levels supply would surge and price would fall. That’s the last thing manufacturers want. There is not a shortage. There is exactly as much ammo being produced as there is being purchased. Economics 101

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  15. Frank

    Because the ammo makers have convinced shooters that Obama is going to take away their guns and/or put a 1000% tax on ammo, and have created paranoia and a resulting shortage while laughing all the way to the bank.

    Why would they ramp up production, which would increase supply and lower prices when they can stoke the coals to keep demand and prices up?

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