Leave fawns, baby animals alone Leave fawns, baby animals alone

It’s the time of year when many come across fawns and other wild babies and the reaction is often to”rescue” them.

Officials with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) said people need to exercise caution.

“Many people discover apparently lost or abandoned wildlife young and take them in, thinking they are doing the right thing, and this sometimes does more harm than good,” said Mark Klym of the Wildlife Diversity branch at TPWD.

I photographed this fawn in North Dakota in 2007. I watched the mother who was feeding about 150 yards away.

“People should leave young animals alone unless they are obviously injured or orphaned. It is best to observe a wild creature from a distance for a while in order to make that determination.”

Staying too close to the baby may keep the mother from returning, Klym said.

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Source: Kingdom Zoo

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