More details surface about the Ares ‘featureless’ SCR (VIDEO)


The Sport Configurable Rifle is one of the more interesting rifles to hit the market this year. It is a “featureless” rifle — a gun that lacks any cosmetic features that are banned by strict gun control laws like a pistol grip or telescoping stock — yet still uses AR-15 uppers without modification.

It does this by using a modified articulated bolt carrier that angles into the butt stock, like several prominent semi-automatic shotguns.

This makes it legal to own in all 50 states while still retaining all off the benefits of the AR-15 platform, at least as far as the upper is concerned.

Ares will offer the SCR in a handful of configurations at launch. The SCR will be available with 16- and 18-inch barrels and chambered for 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm. The SCR will be offered with three stock options as well, a standard straight stock, a shortened sport stock and a Monte Carlo stock with an integral, raised cheek piece for use with raised scopes.

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