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  1. James Andrews

    It’s only a matter of time before there are way too many boar down there. I was charged by one, while hiking on the Smokies many years ago. I won’t hike down there again without a firearm on my side. But in Nazi New York, this wouldn’t be allowed.

  2. chiefatk

    That’s all hogwash! We hunt pigs from the same feeders all the time and rarely never see one when the feeder goes off. They do scatter when a shot is fired but are back the next day. It wont be long, these self appointed know it all types need to take a lesson from the southern states and use the free assistance of hunters.

  3. Bill Cummins

    Is the next step that of Stephen Wise attempting to get legal personhood for these animal rammed through our court system as he has done with chimpanzees and other animals?

  4. Brandon

    Here in Texas I see hogs regularly return to a feeder within 15-30 minutes after having shot one and have PERSONALLY on multiple occasions stayed on stand and shot multiple ADULT pigs under the same feeder within an hour time span.

    This is just typical illogical, inexperienced, agenda driven New York politics speaking out of their “corn-hole” yet again.

  5. Kevin Calongne

    Nobody should be shocked by this. It’s the “New York Solution” for everything, when in doubt, ban it. May they fester in their own stupidity.

  6. Glenn

    The fact that the report came from “Democrat and Chronicle” speaks wonders about the mentality exerted in this effort by the “New York Department of Environmental Conversation!!!!!!” Total IQ in the Department and the Newspaper staff might reach room temperature! They just don’t know what they’re in for. Sort of like the old story of “When you’re up to your ass in alligators it’s difficult to remember that you’re there to drain the swamp!”

  7. TxRik

    That is so much BS. I’ve shot boars at 4:30pm, the sounder scatters and are back by 5:30pm to sniff their dead buddy and finish the corn and apples.

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