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  1. Brandon

    Got stuck through the bottom of my foot by a gafftop, worst pain ever for about 3 days.

  2. Jim Petter

    Great article as usual Chester. I for one have no problem dealing with Gaftops. They are excellent table fare, and one time, I was one of those fisherman who shunned away from them because of the slime. Then one day we caught an ice chest full on artificials chasing birds and decided we needed to learn more about them. When we got to the dock, a cajun shrimper gave us a lesson on dealing with the slime and filleting them. Ever since then, I keep every single big gaftop we catch. When I have a fish fry, all my friends rave about how good the fish are, when I tell them it’s Gaftop, they don’t believe it. As for hardheads, I have a friend in Florida who swears they catch them pretty big and they eat them. Most that we catch here in Texas are very small. My problem with the hardhead revolution is that I see so many people sticking them with a knife and leaving them on the beach, or the rocks. I would suggest that every fisherman carry a good pair of hook-outs if they are afraid to unhook the fish by hand. I feel it is more dangerous to kill and leave the fish so that another person can come by and step on them. Never understand this kind of thinking. Thanks again for the great article.

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