That’s a large-caliber Desert Eagle he’s holding…but keep your eye on the hat

For anyone who has ever fired a large-caliber firearm, you know what can happen to your body as it absorbs the recoil. That’s especially true if the firearm is a large handgun. And add to the mix the handgun being a Desert Eagle, and you got a recipe for a teeth-rattling experience.

Just ask this guy in Germany, who tried to tame the beast while wearing lederhosen and a fancy hat. Now, the Desert Eagle comes in a variety of calibers, and we’re not sure which one he’s shooting. But we do know this — all the calibers it comes in are big, from 44 magnum to .50 cal. In other words, just keep an eye on the guy’s hat for a lesson in power (and make sure you watch all the way through):

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Source: The Blaze

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