[Video] 8 Year Old Schoolboy Reprimanded For Thinking a Cloud Looked Like a Gun During Assignment

So I think we’re officially to the point where our public schools are punishing children for their imagination.

According to KKTV,

Second grader Kody Smith was assigned to go outside, look at the clouds, and then use his imagination to draw what he saw.

“Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination and that picture is a gun,” explained 8-year-old Kody.

Because it was a gun, the teacher at Talbott Elementary in Widefield called him into the office, and then filed a behavior report. His parents say that’s too much.

So this kid is punished because he didn’t see an elephant or a unicorn or whatever else the school *thought* he should see when he looked at some clouds? Really?

Read full story here

Source: GunsSaveLives.net


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  1. David

    Asinine! We’ve become a nation full of idiots & wimps. I don’t see how the United States can keep from collapsing with people like this teaching our kids.

  2. Glenn

    I keep saying it over and over again-“You can’t fix stupid!” It’s time that parents pull their children from these abominable excuses for public education. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff

    The real bullies in the schools these days are the teachers and administrators. They really whooped up on this little boy,

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