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Frogging for Redfish
John N. Felsher Hunkered down in thick cover, a large pot-bellied fish tracked the silhouette of a frog flitting across matted grass just two feet above its head as it waited for the opportune time to strike. The creature briefly paused atop the grass and then hopped gently into... Read more
Wild Pig Hunting Going Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Post by Trophy Hunting and Fishing. Watch what happens when wild pigs turn the tables on hunters. Feral swine are considered pest species in many countries, including the U.S. They reproduce fast and destroy billions of dollars worth of agriculture and live stock each year. Now more than ever,... Read more
And Maybe Concealed Carriers Should Be Forced To Wear Clothing With Stars Or Triangles On Them?
Citizen control cultists have rarely been accused of being able to string coherent thoughts together, but a gun control supporter from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, may have come up with the must absurdly offensive idea yet: There should be a law requiring every household with a gun (no matter... Read more
Google Declares War on the Firearm Industry
Google is taking a Bloomberg inspired step toward “curbing gun violence”. Once again demonstrating the level of ignorance that is prevalent in liberal corporate settings, the software company has decided to expand their ban on firearm-related content. Breitbart reported: According to Google Support’s “Dangerous Products or Services” page, the... Read more
This Cougar Wandered Into a Shopping Center. That Proved to Be a Fatal Mistake.
On Friday, a cougar was spotted wandering through a Sandy, Utah shopping center. By Friday evening, the big cat had been shot with a tranquilizer dart — and passed away. “It just never came out of the effect of the drug,” Scott Root, of the Department of Wildlife Resources,... Read more
The mind-blowing speed of a cheetah (video)
Want an up-close look at the mind-blowing speed of a cheetah? A relative of a friend captured at the Mukini Big 5 Safari near Victoria Falls, Zambi. Watch and enjoy! Chester Moore, Jr Source: Kingdom Zoo Read more
See What Happens When You Crack an Egg Under Water
As part of its “Sharable Science” campaign, Nokia set out to discover what happens when an egg is cracked underwater. The result is pretty cool — and we didn’t know fish ate eggs. Check it out: Source: The Blaze Read more