Stingray doesn’t like being provoked, chases swimmer ashore Stingray doesn’t like being provoked, chases swimmer ashore

A swimmer on Australia’s Gold Coast, trying to express his bravado by jumping toward a large stingray cruising in shallow water, was instead frightened to shore by the angry creature.

Granted, stingrays are typically docile, but the accompanying footage serves as another reminder why it’s never wise to antagonize wild animals.

The stingray probably probably felt trapped and was charging as a defensive mechanism, according to an expert quoted by the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Dr. Jonathan Werry stated that such behavior is rare, but can happen when a stingray feels threatened and can’t easily flee.

“Usually what a ray has is a flight response, because most of whatever is after them is a predator like a large shark, so in most cases they want to get away as quickly as possible,” Werry said.

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