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  1. Elliott

    The ignorance, and pure stupidity here is mind boggling. Machine gun? It’s a bolt action, you dud.
    “I’m not a gun expert”.
    Then shut your stupid mouth, and let someone who IS, talk about it.

    1. Joe

      So true Elliott. This guy is a dumbass

  2. OL AG'89

    Without even reading Elliott’s comments, my thoughts exactly! Sit down and shut up if you’re not an expert OR can’t tell the difference between a bolt action, semi automatic or automatic weapon. Just because morons are given the chance to speak doesn’t mean they’re not still morons.

  3. BloodyPommie

    No one said that people who speak with a British Accent and mannerisms are truly intelligent. It’s just that the communists in America think it sound intelligent. I know these are Aussies but they may as well be Bloody Pommies for all the intelligence they espouse. Uniformed police no less. It just shows that stupidity come with government training. Indoctrination works.

  4. rabrooks

    They are so ignorant that they don’t know that the caliber is engraved into the barrel? yeah right , do a drive-by with that one.. So the size of the weapon is what makes it lethal? OMG! These are the people in charge? These are the peole who influence the public?

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