Inspirational reptile book!


It is important to get inspirational books and other wildlife-related items into the hands of kids so they truly appreciate God’s amazing Creation.

I honor my parents for always supporting my love for wildlife when I was a kid. They went out of their way even when we had very little money to make sure I got cool books on wildlife and took me out into the woods and to the zoo. I just picked up a copy of the first reptile book I ever had on Ebay and it made me think, “I sure appreciate Mom and Dad’s love and support of my wild interests.”

BTW super excited about this acquisition!

Source: Kingdom Zoo

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  1. Brandon McHenry

    I had the same book when I was a child in Dayton, Tx. as well as the whole collection of “The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau”. I agree, it is important to get books into the hands of kids, especially these days when alternative media seems to be taking over.

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